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Asphalt Contractor Suffolk County: A Case Study in Lindenhurst, NY

Lindenhurst Parking Lot Project - Parking Lot RepairIn the bustling town of Lindenhurst, NY, DuMor Construction, the expert asphalt contractor Suffolk County, recently undertook a project that exemplifies the transformational power of strategic construction. The mission? To address a pressing issue faced by the client: insufficient parking space.

The challenge was clear: the client needed more parking spots. The solution, however, was not just about quantity, but quality. DuMor Construction swiftly extended the lot’s perimeter and laid a strong foundation of 6″ R1 RCA base. This groundwork was capped with 2 inches of NY6F asphalt, tightly compacted for durability. The outcome? A gain of 10 precious parking spaces, seamlessly integrated into the existing landscape.

The collaboration wasn’t newfound; a 20-year working relationship between DuMor Construction and the client laid the foundation for this successful endeavor. The client’s trust in DuMor’s expertise spoke volumes, as this partnership continues to flourish.

The client’s contentment was palpable. The newfound parking spaces provided a tangible solution to a persistent problem. No elaborate words were needed to convey satisfaction; the client’s happiness with the job was unmistakable.

Lindenhurst’s parking capacity was not just expanded; it was elevated. DuMor Construction’s pragmatic approach, guided by years of experience and a steadfast partnership, turned a challenge into a success story. In the world of construction, it’s not just about the materials used, but the relationships built – and this project stands as a testament to that ethos.