Asphalt Driveway Repair

At DuMor Construction, Inc, we prioritize driveway repair. Having your driveway properly maintained in a timely manner will save you money in the long run while maintaining the longevity of your residential driveway. We assess each driveway and make recommendations for repair based on the condition of your driveway. When we evaluate your driveway, we follow some basic guidelines.

When to Replace Your Driveway?

In some cases, a driveway is only a candidate for replacement if it is filled with cracks or holes and it is not a candidate for repair. Lots of cracks can be a sign of unstable base material. The best option at this point is to re-stabilize the base after removing the asphalt. We re-stabilize the base with ¾” processed road base in addition to fine grading and compacting. Once the driveway has been prepared, we pave it with new asphalt. The amount of asphalt we lay depends on the application.

Available Driveway Repair Options

  • Asphalt Overlay – If there are only a small number of cracks on a driveway, asphalt overlay may be an option. Drainage and proper elevation do need to be considered by our professionals before we determine that a driveway can be overlaid. We start by cutting keyways wherever we need to. This enables us to butt flush to the garage floor and existing walkways. We then clean the driveway well and apply a tack coat adhesive, which helps to bond the new asphalt to the old. We then apply a leveling course of asphalt to fill in any discrepancies then add about 1 ½” overlay to the surface.
  • Cutting and Driveway Patching – If your driveway is in generally good condition but only has a couple of bad areas, cutting and patching might be a viable option for repair. With this process, we saw cut the perimeter of the area needing patched to remove the asphalt. We then prepare the area the same way we would with paving, by adding tack coat adhesive to the sides of the patch to help it bond well to the existing asphalt. We then pave the area with new asphalt. It is important to know that with patching, the asphalt colors will not match. We can mitigate the differences in appearance with sealcoating but it won’t be eliminated.
  • Driveway Sealcoating – We administer sealcoating to driveways as a preventive measure. It doesn’t fix any existing problems but it does help to prevent further damage by filling surface voids and reducing exposure to UV rays and oxygen as well as reducing the depth gas or oil can penetrate the surface of the asphalt. Sealcoating acts as a waterproofing agent, keeping water damage at bay and properly maintaining the life of your driveway.

What to Look for in a Driveway Repair Contractor

Our company is family owned and operated and we treat our customers with respect. Our customers are comfortable with us and trust us because we take pride in each job we do and as if their project were our own. Our workmanship, professionalism, customer service and knowledge set us apart from other driveway repair companies. We have been around the block when it comes to driveway repair services, and our customers know that. They know that when they need driveway repair or driveway installation services in the future – near or far – that we will be here and we will do the job the right way.