Crack Sealing

New asphalt is always a beautiful sight, especially right after the sealing and striping process is complete. However, each asphalt surface experiences different weather conditions, varying amounts of traffic, and can be subject to a host of different chemicals, salt, and moisture levels. After a certain amount of time, even the most well-sealed asphalt (even on extremely level, stable and unshifting ground) will become damaged. Parking lot crack sealing is one of the first defenses against allowing this damage to increase and become a real problem. If small cracks are allowed to persist, these openings can let deteriorating salt or moisture (that will later expand, causing further cracking and internal damage) to penetrate into the surface and weaken the base. This is how cracks become potholes.

One of the biggest reasons to have your asphalt surface regularly maintained is that it will prevent you from needing more expensive repairs. Asphalt crack sealing can be extremely helpful in this regard, and it is one of our top recommendations for regular maintenance. It can also be one of the least resource-consuming ways to ensure safe and attractive asphalt all year round. We have been experts in asphalt maintenance and parking lot crack sealing for decades. There are hundreds of clients with parking lots that our company has installed, and we regular service them on an annual or semi-annual basis. We are proud to be able to serve our neighbors and our community by keeping their asphalt surfaces in good condition.

Call us today if you have concerns about the state of your asphalt, and we’ll be happy to inspect the site and provide a free estimate.