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Dumor Construction – Emergency Parking Lot Repair Suffolk County NY

Centereach Parking Lot Project - Parking Lot RepairDuMor Construction completed project: “Emergency Parking Lot Repair Suffolk County NY.”  When a sinkhole emerged in Centereach, NY, swift action was crucial.  DuMore Construction swiftly leapt into action, showcasing their expertise and efficiency in tackling unforeseen challenges.

The cause behind the sinkhole was traced back to water penetration, primarily emanating from a hose connection and an unsupported/sinking electrical box. Within 24 hours of the initial phone call, DuMor Construction had the job completed, leaving no room for further damage.

The foundation of success lies in a longstanding client relationship spanning 6 years. The trust built over time brought this client to DuMor’s doorstep, reiterating the importance of strong connections within the industry.

The problems presented were promptly addressed – water infiltration due to a compromised hose connection and a sinking electrical box. DuMor’s response was both rapid and effective, ensuring that the issue was resolved without delay.

The outcomes spoke volumes: a satisfied client lauding the quick resolution of the problem. The hallmark of this accomplishment was not just the speed, but also the peace of mind it brought to the client.

DuMor Construction’s prowess shines through in this Centereach case study. With a knack for swift and effective solutions, they exhibit why their 6-year client partnership stands strong. As the sinkhole vanished, DuMor’s reputation for reliability persisted – a lesson in handling unforeseen challenges with finesse.