What is the life expectancy of an asphalt parking lot on Long Island?

Looking to get the most stable and longest lasting asphalt parking lot on Long Island? The trusted contractor for parking lot paving in Long Island NY, Dumor Construction Inc., will install a commercial parking lot that’s designed to last for decades. We don’t stop there! We also provide pavement maintenance services like asphalt sealcoating that extend the life of your parking lot.

Is your Long Island asphalt parking lot aging? Here’s what you need to know about preserving and restoring your commercial parking lot.

What is the life expectancy of an asphalt parking lot on Long Island?

When it’s installed correctly, repaired when necessary, and properly maintained, an asphalt parking lot can last for up to 30 years. Usually, the asphalt begins to deteriorate by 20 years, but let’s break that down.

When can you repair asphalt damage?
Surface damage, even when it seems serious, can be fixed with high quality parking lot repair services. Crack filling stops cracks from getting worse. Asphalt patching replaces only damaged areas, and asphalt milling can resurface your parking lot and add another decade to its life.

When is it time to replace your parking lot?
This question comes down to the stability and health of the base layer underneath asphalt layers. Once this base begins to erode, sink, or crumble, the pavement above it will crack and deform. When that happens or there’s more than 25% of the surface damaged, it’s time to replace your asphalt parking lot.

How can you extend the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot?

  • Sealcoating services provide a layer of protection that slows down asphalt deterioration.
  • Regular pavement sweeping, especially in springtime, removes debris that can damage asphalt over time.
  • Power washing and spot treatments should be applied to chemical spills from vehicles, as those can cause potholes.

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