Sinking Manhole Cover: Asphalt Repair in Suffolk County

A Suffolk county resident, and client of many years, contacted us needing repair work done on a sinking manhole cover. Arriving at the location, we knew exactly what was necessary for successful asphalt repair.

We began by saw cutting the asphalt, excavating with hand shovels, and removing the loose brick. We followed that by installing a precast concrete collar, and eliminating any brickwork which could fail in the future. Next, we performed a back fill with recycled crushed concrete, compacting in 4” lifts to eliminate most settling.

We will allow this to sit through several Long Island rainstorms before following up with a hot asphalt patch of 2”. This is the final step for this project, and completes our work with the client. Fast response, great quality, and fair pricing make us a top asphalt contractor in Suffolk County.