Repairs Promote Mental Health

We got a call from a psychologists office that needed help with their parking lot, which was in disrepair. Their whole facility and service is designed to promote the mental health of their clients, so they needed to make sure that their parking space wasn’t upsetting anyone. We scheduled a complimentary consultation for parking lot repair in Hauppauge for the same afternoon, and they were pleased that we could come out so soon.

The asphalt contractor consultation was scheduled to begin

A couple of our asphalt experts arrived at the office in Hauppauge and the office manager showed our guys certain areas in the parking lot that needed attention immediately. Our guys inspected and evaluated the asphalt, then gave the office manager an estimate, which they were happy with and asked us to start as soon as we could. The office manager asked if there was any way that we could do the work on the weekends because the office was closed, and we let her know that would not be a problem. 

DuMor Construction Inc. did these parking lot repairs in Hauppauge

Our crew arrived first thing Saturday morning. The crew was happy that the weather would be great as the sun was shining bright and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, which was perfect weather for asphalt repairs. The crew first started cleaning the asphalt surface thoroughly with our industrial power washer. The cleaning would remove any dirt, debris, and chemicals from the asphalt surface.

The crew then began to start repairing the large pothole in the parking lot. The crew cut out the damaged asphalt, then they made sure to remove all the loose gravel from the area. They began to fill the hole with aggregate asphalt, then they compacted the new aggregate with the tamping tool. The crew made sure the asphalt was thoroughly compacted, then they applied a layer of sealer on top of it once it was completely dried.

The crew then started working on the crack sealing. The crew filled each crack with rubberized asphalt crack sealer. The crew worked throughout the entire day until each crack was successfully filled. After they had the last crack filled, the crew packed up as they had completed this project. We repaired a pothole and did crack sealing extensively throughout the parking lot.

Two of our crewmembers went to the psychologists office Monday morning. They wanted to check over the work that they had provided and talk to the office manager. All of the repairs looked great and they let the office manager know that they may want to consider sealcoating the parking lot now that all of the repairs were made because the sealcoating would add a smooth and attractive look to the parking lot and it would also preserve the maintenance that we had provided for them. The office manager was pleased with the parking lot work that we provided and would consider the sealcoating.