Property Manager Requests our Help

Not too long ago we got a call from an apartment manager that needed a quote on a parking lot installation for a newly constructed apartment building. We scheduled the meeting for the following afternoon when the apartment manager was free to meet with us, and our experts showed up promptly on time. Our crew measured the area, and once we gave him the quote and showed him some of our past work, he was blown away. He couldn’t get over the photos that we showed him of our past work as an asphalt contractor in Long Island. The apartment manager ended up going with our quote for the parking lot paving, and he also wanted us to give him estimates for asphalt maintenance jobs at some of the other properties he manages.

Paving Contractor Project Begins

We were scheduled to start the parking lot installation in just a couple days as the apartment manager wanted to make sure that there would be no other workers on the property, so we would have complete access to the area where the parking lot was to be installed. Our crew arrived and began prepping the area. 

A Successful long island asphalt contractor project at a business that really appreciated our work - DuMor Construction Inc.

We use several trucks that transport the hot asphalt, so when one truck was dumping the asphalt the other truck would go retrieve another load of asphalt. It is very important that the asphalt never cools down. The crew would compact the asphalt down with our roller until all of the hot asphalt was laid. The crew returned the next morning to apply the parking lot stripes. Once the parking lot was installed, paved, and stripes applied, our crew began packing up and cleaning up the job site. Our crew will never, ever leave a mess at a job site. We thrive on leaving the job better than when we arrived.

A few days later the apartment manager contacted the office. He just wanted to praise our crew for doing an outstanding job. He said in all of his years of being an apartment manager he had never seen such a great parking lot paving in all of Long Island. He said that our crew really did impress him with our craftsmanship and knowledge, and he looked forward to working with us again with other properties that he manages. He said he took photos of the work that our crew had done and sent them to the owner of the property, and the owner couldn’t believe how great the parking lot turned out and our price was lower than what he had paid in the past. They both agreed that Dumor Construction is the only parking lot paving contractor in Long Island that does a great job!