Parking Lot Repair for Industrial Park in Hauppauge

A local commercial property owner in Hauppauge, NY called us a few months back for an estimate on their parking lot repair project. We were able to turn the estimate around quickly once we received the diagram, mapping out all the areas in need of repair (in purple below), but the owner had to wait for the new tenant to approval before we could proceed with the project.

Once we were given the “green light” to proceed we made multiple adjustments to our schedule in order to meet the upcoming deadline. We were able to start the 32,500sf of asphalt parking lot repair work in a highly organized effort. As we started removing the existing asphalt and replacing, we noticed a number of manholes that needed re-bricking, so we were able to get those taken care of while we were onsite.

The owner and tenant were very pleased with our workmanship and even more impressed that we were able to complete the project in less then three days. DuMor Construction will be going back to the industrial park to complete the parking lot striping and seal coating this fall.

BEFORE: Asphalt Parking Lot Repair Design / Plan View
AFTER: Asphalt Parking Lot Repair Design / Drone Image
Parking Lot Repair: Asphalt Removal
Parking Lot Repair: DuMor Construction Paving Crew in action