New Installation Job Helps Out Restaurant Space

We got a call from a new customer that wanted a vacant space outside of their restaurant paved. We gave them an estimate for the new parking lot paving in Brookhaven, which they found to be very reasonable. Although it was a smaller space, the grading conditions were very favorable. The parking lot ended up looking amazing, and we were able to expand their handicapped parking by four spaces!

The crew arrived to start the parking lot paving and installation

The crew arrived and began prepping the land for the grading. The crew used our motor graders, so the land would be precise in having the water draining properly. The grading process is essential. If the grading isn’t done right, then the water will not drain properly and this could cause cracks, potholes, and major damage to the asphalt. 


We finished this new parking lot paving in Brookhaven on time - Dumor Construction Inc.


Once the grading was completed the crew started getting the sub base laid. The sub base is what will provide the asphalt surface with stability. The sub base thickness was done, then the crew began compacting the sub base. The crew finished the sub base, then they began applying a layer of binder. The binder is a large mixture of aggregate that has oil added to it. This will make the parking lot strong, durable, and long lasting. After the binder is applied, the crew applied a layer of asphalt. The layer of asphalt would provide the parking lot with a smooth surface. The surface layer of asphalt is a smaller mixture of aggregate, oil, and sand. When the small aggregate mixture is combined the surface of the parking lot has that jet black appearance that is shiny.

The crew then used the roller truck to compact and smooth the small aggregate mixture. Using the roller truck would ensure that no stones are poking through the asphalt surface and it would provide a very smooth surface too. On the last day the crew arrived to the location to do the parking lot markings. The crew was able to add four extra handicapped parking spots that were clearly marked. Our crew knows the ADA standard requirements. Once all the parking lot markings were done our crew let them dry thoroughly for an hour. This would allow the markings to not peel off and to stay in place for a very long time.

The crew had the new parking lot installation done and completed right on schedule. The new parking lot looked outstanding, which always makes our crew happy, because they know that we are the number one Brookhaven paving contractor to call for all asphalt needs. We go that extra mile to ensure that our services are done right the first time!