Maintenance on Multiple Properties

Not long ago we got a call from a past client that wanted to get all of their Oyster Bay asphalt repairs and maintenance done over the summer. They had three lots that needed attention. The first one required a saw cut patch and replace method on a big pothole near the center of the lot. The other two just needed some basic crack sealing.

The parking lot repairs and maintenance were underway

The crew arrived at the Oster Bay location. The crew started the saw cut in the asphalt where the pothole was located. The crew cut a complete square around the pothole and the cut was several inches from the edge of the pothole. The crew removed all the debris from the area that was cut, then they removed all the loose sand and debris with a broom, so the cut was completely free of all debris. The crew then applied fresh asphalt into the hole that was cut. The fresh asphalt was spread evenly into the hole, then the crew packed the asphalt firmly into the hole.

The Parking lot maintenance in Oyster Bay was a success - DuMor Construction Inc.

The crew returned the following day and began cleaning the other two parking lots. The crew needed to clean the entire parking lot thoroughly so they could remove any oil, chemicals, dirt, and debris. The crew then began checking each of the cracks to make sure that no liquids entered the sub base of the asphalt, which there was none, then they cleaned out each crack to remove all debris. Once they had the cracks cleaned they began filling each crack with fresh asphalt, then they packed the asphalt firmly into each crack. Once all the cracks were filled in that parking lot they started on the next parking lot.

The crew did the same steps with this parking lot. The crew cleaned the parking lot thoroughly from all debris, then they cleaned and inspected each crack. They filled each crack with fresh asphalt, then they packed the asphalt firmly into the cracks, so no liquids would enter the crack again. The crew was able to have all of the parking lot repairs and maintenance performed within two and a half days.

The crew always made sure that they left the job site cleaner than when they arrived and every repair was done successfully. Our crew knows that we have a reputation to uphold as we have been called the number one Oyster Bay asphalt contractor and we are proud to be named that by our past and present customers. There is no job that our crew is asked to do that they don’t give it their all. Our crew looks forward to knowing they did an outstanding job!