How Much Does It Cost to Fill a Pothole in Long Island?

In Long Island, Dumor Construction Inc is the leading asphalt repair company because we have the right equipment and knowledge to fix any parking lot paving issue, whether that’s potholes, deep cracks, or asphalt deterioration (we can also repair asphalt driveways on Long Island). We have over 40 years of experience with asphalt pavement, so we can diagnose the perfect pavement repair service to bring your parking lot back to life.

How Potholes in Asphalt Form

Potholes are maybe the most dangerous type of asphalt damage not only to vehicles but to surrounding pavement, but how do they start? The culprit behind most potholes is improper drainage. Water pools on the parking lot surface, getting between the asphalt binder and the aggregates inside, then freezes when temperatures drop, pushing the pavement apart from the inside. The pressure of vehicles passing over can also further break down asphalt. Once the damage goes down into the gravel layer, you have a pothole that needs professional repair.

Cost to Fill a Pothole in Long Island

Commercial property owners may be worried about how much it costs to fill a pothole in an asphalt parking lot, but it is way less expensive than asphalt patching or repaving. On average, it costs $4.00 to $5.00 per square foot to saw cut and replace the pothole. This means that approximately 100 SF would cost $950, a fraction of the cost to repave the whole lot.

The Most Trusted Pothole Repair Contractors in Long Island

Dumor Construction Inc is the trusted Long Island asphalt contractor because we provide the best and most cost-effective asphalt repair solutions. Contact us today if your Long Island parking lot has potholes or cracks to see what we can do for you.