How many layers of asphalt do I need for a parking lot on Long Island NY?

New York parking lots are usually paved with asphalt, but the thickness and layers of your asphalt parking lot depend on how much traffic it will see. It takes an experienced asphalt paving contractor to understand all the aspects of parking lot paving.

In Long Island NY, Dumor Construction Inc is the paving company that businesses trust to install, repair, and maintain their asphalt parking lots. Not only do we have over 40 years experience in paving, we have the latest technologies to make every project go smoothly.

The Importance of Proper Asphalt Layering for Parking Lots

When installing an asphalt parking lot, certain paving standards must be met so that the pavement doesn’t develop stress cracks, rutting, depressions, or other problems.

What are the proper layers for asphalt parking lots?

To create the perfect commercial parking lot, your paving company needs to install it using the following types of layers:

  1. Existing soil – The land underneath the parking lot needs to be free of all vegetation, compacted for stability, and graded for correct drainage.
  2. Aggregate base layer – The bottom pavement layer should be made of graded and compacted grave.
  3. Structural asphalt layer – The first layer of asphalt over the subgrade needs to be comprised of bitumen and large aggregates for stability.
  4. Surface asphalt layer – The top layer of asphalt should have fine aggregates inside for traction and be the appropriate thickness to stand up to traffic.
  5. Surface protection – Asphalt sealcoating is a surface treatment that protects the pavement from UV rays and moisture penetration, preventing cracks.

How many layers of asphalt do I need for a parking lot on Long Island NY?

All commercial parking lots need these two layers of asphalt (at least 4” thick) on top of a stable base layer. Surface treatments like sealcoating are optional but recommended.

Dumor Construction: Long Island’s Asphalt Parking Lot Experts

With our decades of experience with commercial asphalt paving, we can not only design and install the perfect parking lot, we can also perform all finishing services like sealcoating and line striping so that you have a beautiful new commercial parking lot that will last for years.

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