Fixing Up Some Wear and Tear

We got a call from a smoothie shop that wanted to have their parking lot repaired. They had not had any parking lot maintenance in Melville at their location done on the parking lot since opening five years ago. Business had been good, which means there were a lot of cracks that would soon turn into potholes. A few of our asphalt experts were scheduled to meet with the owner and provide the owner with an estimate.

Our asphalt experts arrived at the smoothie shop and they started inspecting the parking lot thoroughly. They gave the owner an estimate for all of the parking lot repairs and the owner wanted us to start on the parking lot as soon as we could.

The parking lot repairs were ready to begin

Our team arrived a couple of days later to start the project. The sun was shining although it was a bit humid and hot, but it was good weather for the parking lot repairs. The crew started off by sectioning off an area of the parking lot, so customers that were coming to the smoothie shop would still have a place to park while our crew worked on the parking lot. The crew thoroughly cleaned the area, then they began to fill all of the cracks in the area with crack sealant. The crew did this to each area of the parking lot, then they were planning on returning on Sunday to apply sealcoating to the entire asphalt surface as the smoothie shop would be closed on this day. 

We concluded these Meilville parking lot repairs in due time for the customer - DuMor Construction Inc.

The crew arrived first thing Sunday morning and they started applying the sealcoating to the entire parking lot. It took the crew several hours to get the sealcoating applied, then they started packing up their tools and supplies to head out for the day.

We were able to get the lot looking nearly brand new once our team was finished.  Monday morning one of our crew members went to the smoothie shop to look over the parking lot to make sure that it looked great, which it did and to also talk to the owner.

Our crew member just wanted to let the owner know that the parking lot was finished and if she had any questions. The customer was thrilled with the finished product as it looked like she had a new parking lot installed. Our crew member let the customer know that she shouldn’t wait five years to have any parking lot maintenance done because waiting this long could cause severe damages to the base of the asphalt, which would be very costly to her.

The smoothie shop owner was very happy and she even gave our crew member his choice of smoothie from her shop to show her appreciation.