Extensive Job Helps with Expansion

We got a call from a local church that needed a small area paved, but they also wanted the new asphalt paving to match their existing lot, which was in a state of disrepair. It was very important that these parking lot repairs were done as soon as possible because they didn’t want any of their congregation to fall and get hurt or their vehicles to get damaged. We asked them when would be the best time for us to come by and inspect the parking lot and to provide an estimate, and they wanted us to come out as soon as we could, so our team was at the church within the hour.

Our Islip asphalt contractor team started inspecting and evaluating the parking lot and the parking lot was in very bad shape. We gave the church members the estimate and they said that it was within their budget, so we were scheduled to start on the parking lot first thing Monday morning.

Parking Lot Paving Work Starts

The crew arrived at the church Monday morning and thankfully the weather was perfect. The sun was shining and it wasn’t too hot, and there was no rain in the forecast for the entire week, which is what we needed to get this job done for the church. The crew started cleaning the parking lot thoroughly to remove all the dirt, chemicals, and debris from the parking lot, then the crew started patching the potholes that were in the parking lot. Once all the patching was done, the crew did a lot of crack sealing, then the sealcoating was applied. The crew returned the following day to start the installation of the parking lot addition, and the crew worked on that for two days until it was completed. The crew returned on the following day to restripe both lots.

We did an extensive repair and maintenance work (including crack sealing, parking lot patching, and sealcoating and restriping) to get everything up to snuff while we also installed a larger area of the parking lot for all members of the congregation to enjoy. Our crew was able to get the parking lot completed one day ahead of schedule, so when all the congregation arrived Sunday morning for church services they would be greeted with a new and safe parking lot. 

We did some serious Islip asphalt contractor work at this location

A couple of church members that hired us called the office to thank us for doing a superior job. They also wanted to thank the crew members for being respectful, knowledgeable, and hard workers. We were really happy to do a good job, especially for such grateful clients. We assured them that if they needed absolutely anything in the future they should feel free to give us a call.