Excavation and parking lot paving in Smithtown NY

Our team of parking lot paving specialists recently had the opportunity to perform some asphalt repair for a busy shopping center in Smithtown, NY.

A new septic system was recently installed and the parking area needed to be repaired. The customer has been using our paving services years so he knew who to call. He asked us to get in as soon as possible to get his parking lot back to normal.

We made it out right away to assess what was going on and started on the project later that week. We tried to coordinate with the septic system contractor to install the recycled crush base blend while we were doing back filling to save money for our customer, but he didn’t do a great job so we had to do it over. For example, the cast iron manhole cover was at the wrong height and was left unsecured, which could lead to problems down the road.

So we took matters into our own hands and dug a trench and installed a pipe for the irrigation lines to be installed at a later date. We made the trench area two layers thick and made sure it encompassed the entire new system. Once we finished the parking lot repair job, we painted the parking stalls that were affected by the construction work.

The owner was very thankful we quickly got our work done. We completed it in one day right before a busy holiday weekend, while minimizing disruption to any businesses near the project area.

Additionally, the vice president who was in charge of construction reached out to us, thanking us for the fine work and for looking out for them.

Thank you for coming back to DuMor Construction Inc “Parking Area Specialists” for your parking lot repair needs!