DuMor Construction Enhancing Roads in Amityville: Asphalt Repair Long Island NY

At DuMor Construction, we are committed to every customer and project we service.  We have been enhancing roads in Amityville, and recently completed a successful project called, “Asphalt Repair Long Island NY.”    When your Long Island parking lot is starting to show wear and tear, it can be hard to know what to do or who to call. Luckily, New York businesses and property managers have a top-notch paving company: DuMor Construction. As New York’s trusted commercial paving company, we have the expertise and skills to bring even the most weathered and damaged pavement back to full function.

Our company is dedicated to helping local organizations and businesses keep their pavement pristine condition.  A recent example is a successful parking lot repair and sealcoating project we completed in Amityville, near Farmingdale, on Long Island, NY. The community’s parking lot needed crack filling, sealcoating, and striping to revitalize its appearance and extend its lifespan.

Professional crack filling and sealcoating services are essential to restore and improve a parking lot. Crack filling involves packing cracks with rubberized asphalt to prevent moisture penetration and further deterioration, while sealcoating provides a protective barrier against UV rays, water, and chemicals. This combination seals off existing cracks and extends the life of the pavement. Additionally, fresh line striping is crucial in revitalizing the parking lot by clearly defining spaces, improving safety, and creating an organized appearance. Combining these services results in a restored, long-lasting, visually appealing parking lot.

DuMor Construction delivered the desired results to their longtime client, providing a safe and visually appealing environment for Amityville NY residents. The refreshed and well-maintained parking lot has garnered positive comments from the community. DuMor Construction continues to excel in its commitment to delivering quality work and exceeding customer expectations.

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