Drive-Thru Needs Maintenance

Recently, we got a call from a fast food restaurant that needed their drive-through repaired. They also wanted to add some spaces and expand to have a second drive-lane. We were able to build new asphalt for them after providing their repair needs.

Our asphalt specialists arrived for the asphalt paving in Smithtown at the restaurant to inspect, evaluate, and provide an estimate for the fast food restaurant owner. Our guys inspected the parking lot and drive-through, then provided the owner with a few options and then an estimate that he was comfortable with. He scheduled us to start on his parking lot first thing Monday morning.

The parking lot paving began

The crew arrived first thing Monday morning. All of the crew were commenting on how great the weather was as the temperature wasn’t too hot and there wasn’t a dark cloud in the sky. The crew wanted to start repairing the drive-through immediately as they only had a few hours until the restaurant was to open and the customers would need the drive-through to be ready. The drive-through needed to have extensive crack sealing done. The crew began to clean the cracks first so there would be no debris or dirt in the cracks, then they applied the crack sealant to each of the cracks thoroughly. 

This asphalt paving in Smithtown was newly installed by DuMor Construction Inc.

The crew then started working on the adding additional parking spaces where the owner asked them to. They prepped the ground, then they began the grading and sloping to the ground so the water would drain off properly. The crew added the sub base aggregate, then they compacted it to reach the appropriate thickness, then they applied the binder layer. The crew applied the surface asphalt, which is a mixture of small aggregate, oil, and sand, then they compacted the surface. The crew did these exact steps when they added the second drive-thru. The crew always made sure that when they working at the restaurant they never got in the way of the customers that was visiting the establishment. At times it was difficult, especially when they were trying to add the second drive-through, but they were able to get it done.

All of the repairs were made, the added parking spaces, and the second drive-through lane was installed for the customer. Once all of the work was finished the parking lot and second drive-through lane looked great. We were able to get the parking lot paving in Smithtown done two days ahead of schedule, which was very much appreciated by the customer because his fast food restaurant was very busy each and every day that we were there. Our crew finished another successful parking lot paving service for another happy customer in Smithtown.