Development Company Needs Help Planning

A few months ago we received a call from a development company that was planning on building some townhouses, and they were needing an estimate on all of the Melville asphalt paving work they were considering. We went out to the location and inspected the site, then we gave them a thorough estimate for the parking lot installation, which they were thrilled with. The development company called us again to let us know that we were hired for their parking lot installation and we could start on it at any time.

A new parking lot paving installation was underway

The crew arrived on the first day for the parking lot installation in Huntington. The crew began to get the ground area prepped and ready for the installation of the parking lot. The crew removed any debris that was in the area, then they began grading and sloping, and this would ensure that the proper drainage would be done. The crew then started laying the sub base, which is crushed rock. The sub base is a very important step as it will provide the parking lot with a stable surface along with providing a barrier for frost, which will reduce any damages during the freezing and thawing that occurs in the winter. Once the sub base was laid the crew started compacting the sub base. 

We did some great parking lot paving in Huntington

The crew then began applying the hot asphalt mixture. The crew made sure that the appropriate thickness was laid to ensure that it would be strong and durable. The crew then compacted the asphalt with our industrial roller, then they treated the edges of the parking lot. The final step was applying sealcoating, which the crew did, then they let it dry thoroughly by returning the following day so they could apply parking lot stripes. The crew showed up on the final day and began to add the parking lot stripes to the asphalt parking lot. We know the precise measurements for each stripe along with the handicap stalls too.

Our crew was able to get the Huntington parking lot several days ahead of schedule, which was pleasing for the client. The client was highly impressed with our crew member’s knowledge, craftsmanship, and hardworking standards. The client must have been impressed because he contacted the office to let us know that he would definitely be using our company and crew again in the future. Our crew always goes that extra mile to ensure that each customer is pleased with our services, which is why we have been named the best paving contractor in Huntington and we plan on keeping that name by providing the best parking lot paving, maintenance, and installations that every customer will be happy with!