Asphalt Paving project in Oyster Bay

We recently completed an asphalt milling and parking lot paving project in Woodbury, which is located in the town of Oyster Bay, Long Island NY.

The local business owner had been having drainage issues with his parking lot for the past couple of years. This year he was adamant that he would get this issue taken care of before the puddles and potholes got any further out of hand. After checking with a few other local business owners and doing some online research, they gave us a call to request an onsite inspection.

Asphalt Milling and Paving Project in Oyster Bay – Long Island, NY

Upon inspection we concurred that the business owner definately needed the get the parkling lot re-paved. Our estimator explained how the most cost effective approach would be to mill down the top layer of asphalt and then re-pave (which provided a significant cost savings version a complete rip out and replace project).

The Dumore crew was able to get over to the commercial property that Saturday to mill the affected area of the parking lot. Then the paving crew came in on Monday to lay down the new asphalt. By the end of day Tuesday, we had completed the job and the parking lot was back open for business.

Here is what the owner had to say about Dumor Construction, “Thanks very much to you and your staff for a job well done. We are very pleased with the result of the parking lot repaving as well as the professionalism and efficiency of your organization throughout the process. We will certainly recommend your company whenever the opportunity arises.”