Asphalt Paving Project in Massapequa Park, Oyster Bay NY

Located on the South Shore of Long Island, in Bay Shore, NY to be exact, is where to find DuMOR Construction, Inc. Family owned and operated, DuMOR Construction, Inc. is the leading commercial asphalt paving contractor and parking lot repair company in the Long Island area. DuMOR Construct, Inc. understands that paving should be constructed to withstand years of exposure, which is why the latest technology and equipment is used for every paving project. Whether you need paving, seal coating, resurfacing, or striping, DuMOR Construction, Inc. is here for the project you need.

As we were the company who paved the original parking lot in Massapequa Park, we have been providing regular maintenance for this longtime customer for over 23 years. We had seal coated, patched, striped lines, and filled cracks to the point where repairs were becoming costly. As repair maintenance had reached around 25% of the total cost to repave, we discussed the option to repave the parking lot and provided our customer with a quote.

The customer agreed to the quote and our project went from sealing to repaving. We were able to mill off 2” of asphalt in front of the stores on the first day and paved the entire 160,000 square foot parking lot the next four days. The same time it would have taken to seal coat areas of the parking lot is how long it took to mill and pave the parking lot.

In addition to a complete repave, we also restriped the lines of the parking lot, making sure not to disrupt the many consumers who visit the park daily. The customer, asphalt supplier, and another asphalt contractor all contacted our office to compliment our organization on a job well done.

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