Asphalt Milling Long Island – A Successful Milling and Paving Project in East Meadow

DuMore Construction successfully completed project, “Asphalt Milling Long Island – a Successful Milling and Paving Project in East Meadow.”  The company established a strong working relationship with the client, as they were hired over multiple years on this mill and pave project.  The specific job represented the sixth phase of DuMor’s annual, multi-phase milling and paving project.

The customer came to DuMor faced with a common problem – maintaining pavement infrastructure.  Wear and tear on pavement surfaces become evident over the years. The solution? A comprehensive, phased approach to milling and paving. This strategy allowed for efficient restoration without causing significant disruptions.

The client was pleased with DuMor’s consistent dedication and quality of workmanship provided. Year after year, the customer repeatedly awarded us the project.  They were fully satisfied with the skill level, workmanship, and expertise we provided. Their decision to continue to hire us year after year, speaks volumes in their level of confidence in commitment to delivering excellent outcomes.

In the world of construction, lasting partnerships and reliable solutions are the cornerstones of success. DuMor Construction has been serving East Meadow, NY for many years, building trust, partnerships, and reliable solutions among the community.