Asphalt Milling and Paving project near Hempstead NY

As the leading parking area specialists in Roslyn, NY, the experts at DuMOR Construction Inc. recently tackled a successful parking lot paving project for a local commercial client.

This particular Roslyn business owner has been working with us over the years. We had been repairing the lot for about 8 years but it was time for a new lot. The client received different proposals and negotiations over time but ultimately decided to go with our suggestion to mill and pave the entire lot. The parking lot was only going to continue to deteriorate over time, given its current state due to the harsh winters in the region. The freeze/thaw cycles over the past few years played a number on the lot and we advised the owner that it was only going to cost him more money in the long run to continue patching the lot. He did receive many quotes but decided to stick with us, realizing that we have a long record of doing quality work at the right price.

The project went seamlessly, despite the fact that it took place during some of the business’s regular hours of operation. We were able to control traffic while allowing vendors to come and go during the milling process with ambulance style transportation.

The project is taking place over the course of several weeks, due to the nature of the client’s business and operations. We are planning to finish the paving in the next couple of weeks. The client requested we do the project in phases and so far it looks great!