Asphalt Contractor in Islip called in for Parking Lot Repair

We had the opportunity to complete an asphalt repair project for a parking lot for a business based near Islip, NY.

The client, who is a long-time client of ours, recognized several signs of deterioration of their parking lot. They called us, asking us to come out to take a look.

We scheduled an inspection and evaluation the following Monday. We considered both the problems with their parking lot and their budget and made the best decision based on both factors. We determined that the best course of action would be to saw cut, remove and replace the weakest section of the parking lot, which had multiple cracks and pot holes that connected the cracks. This area was clearly experiencing the most wear and tear, but we also were concerned that the-sub base needed some extra stabilization.

We came out the next Tuesday, which was a slower day of business for them. Sure enough, we needed to excavate a couple feet below the sub-grade and to add a stable layer of aggregate so the repair would last a long time. We wrapped the job up within two days, allowing for the newly repaired parking area to settle before allowing traffic back to the area.

The property management company was impressed with our solution because all they wanted to do was to slow the deterioration of the parking lot – but we are confident this repair will last a number of years for our client.

Thank you for choosing DuMor Construction Inc for your parking lot repair needs.